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Smoked brisket recipe

Best Smoked Brisket Recipe Online

Smoked brisket, when cooked right, is one of the best dishes in the world. It’s all about combining great meat, great technique and great cooking equipment all into one dish. When done right it’s succulent, tender and melt in your mouth, and it’s definitely worth doing right.

Smoked brisket is a simple idea involving one of the 9 primal cuts of beef. The brisket comes from the lower chest of the cow and for the best results you’ll cook it for 5 or 6 hours. There are several steps to creating perfect smoked brisket, preparation, cooking and then finishing the meat. But before you do any of that you need to make sure you’ve got the right equipment.

Electric Smoker

Smoking meat is a tradition that’s been going on for hundreds of years while people were still eating round open fires. It’s stayed with us because smoking meat creates such tender and delicious results.

Electric smokers have been designed to bring this tradition into the 21st century. They work fairly simply, allowing you to regular the heat levels and smoke levels while your meat is cooking inside. There are charcoal and wood smokers available on the market but these have the issue of being quite impractical in a modern kitchen. They require a lot of supervision to keep the heat and smoke levels just right, an electric smoker doesn’t.

Electric smokers have controls so you can easily regulate the temperature and smoke levels. Both of these have a distinctive impact of the meat and are what smoking is all about. The benefit of an electric smoker is very clear, it makes smoking meat effortless with the same reward at the end.

For our smoked brisket recipe an electric smoker will produce the best results. It has a number of benefits and can be used for a lot of different dishes.


Once you’ve got your electric smoker set up you need to begin with your preparation. First you’ll want to wash the brisket cut and make sure there is no blood on there. Once you’ve finished then trim off some of the fat, depending on your taste. If you don’t have enough room in your smoker you might need to cut the brisket in half.

Once you’ve completed this make sure you get the rub all over the cut to maximise the flavour. More information in the full recipe.


Thanks to the electric smoker the cooking is pretty easy. You’ll want to ensure the temperature remains constant throughout and leave it in for around 3 hours so it’s tender throughout.


Once you’ve cooked your meat you’ll want to apply your sauce, detailed in the full recipe. Once you’ve applied it all you can wrap up your meat and get it back in the electric smoker until it’s cooked through.

These are our tips for the perfect smoked brisket, check out the full recipe here:

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folding bicycle 20 schwinn loop

The Best Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are the latest thing for commuters or anyone who likes to cycle around town. More cyclists are hitting the roads than ever as a healthier option that improves fitness and limits environmental impact.

For a long time it was unpractical for people to cycle around town or into work because they couldn’t store the bike somewhere safe. Also there was nowhere to leave their bike once they got home. This is all a thing of the past with folding bikes.

Folding bikes are becoming one of the most popular products in the cycling industry, let’s take a closer look at what’s making them so popular and where you can find the best ones.

What is a Folding Bike?

A folding bike is the modern solution to limited space in the home. Unlike traditional bikes that were quite cumbersome and took up a lot of space, folding bikes have been made so they fold in half, meaning they’re easy to store and transport.

They’re also made from lightweight materials. This makes them easier to pick up and move by carrying, but also means you can take them on other transport methods like on aeroplanes where they weigh your luggage.

Folding bikes have been created to give a smaller option for cyclists which is more secure because you never have to leave it outside unattended.

Key Features of a Folding Bike

Schwinn 20 Inch Loop BikeWith so many different folding bikes to choose from it’s important to know what you’re looking for. We’ve put together a list of the key features that your folding bike should have, to make sure you’ve picked the best one.

● Portability
The number one thing your folding bike should be is portable, after all that’s why you bought it. You want a bike that’s easy to fold and unfold quickly and made from lightweight materials. This will ensure you get the full use from the portable bike.

● Durability
Your bike needs to be sturdy and well made. This means solid frame and good brakes at the very least. It used to be that the nature of folding bikes made the cycling experience much worse, but through advances in cycling technology they now operate very well. This means you don’t have to compromise quality for convenience.

● Style
As well as working well and being portable, you want your bike to look good. There are a number of folding bikes available with some great designs, both simple and bold, to choose from. Never compromise style for other features.

● Value for money
As with any bikes you can spend as much as you like. It’s always worth shopping around to see if you can find the quality you want at the best price. User reviews are a great way to go and looking for sales or reductions online.

Choosing the right Folding Bike

There are a lot of folding bikes available both in stores and online. For anyone starting out or looking for their first folding bike we recommend something like the Schwinn 20-inch loop bike.

Check out the full review for the Schwinn 20 Inch Loop Folding Bike 2017 here.

The Ultimate Hiking Backpack

The causal hiker may be fine with just about any bag or backpack. They may only be outdoors for a few hours and just need to carry some water, snacks and some basic medical supplies. They don’t Hiking Backpack and sleeping bagneed a backpack that is designed to feel lightweight or be easy to carry over the course of a few days, nor do they need some serious packing space for what they have to bring with them, because casual hikers don’t tend to need to pack very much.

But for the more serious hikers, such as those who plan to do some overnight camping or take an all-day trek, a more serious backpack is necessary. They need something that can carry supplies for not just them but also for their entire group. They need a bag that can handle some tough conditions and yet still feel comfortable and lightweight. For those kinds of hikers, we recommend they use the same kind of backpacks used by soldiers in military campaigns.

Military rucksacks are large bags with shoulder straps that are often waterproof and very durable. They may look like very heavy packs when soldiers are carrying them through boot camp, but that’s because they are loaded down with everything they will need for a few days, including weapons and ammo. The average hiker’s bag would be considerably lighter, but still be comfortable when carrying sleeping and cooking apparatus as well as other things that hikers will need when out in the wild for a long period of time.

Now, there are a lot of military rucksacks available, and consumers ought to be careful that they don’t end up buying one that isn’t of the best quality. They probably want a bag that they feel they can count on and that will last for a long time, providing them with an excellent return on their investment. They need to choose their military rucksack carefully, and we suggest they visit sites such as military rucksack to learn about what’s available to them.
This site has detailed information on some of the best and most widely used military backpacks and other outdoor gear. Consumers wanting to be informed and make smart decisions about their hiking equipment should be doing their research on sites like these. That way, they won’t end up wasting their money or making purchasing decisions that they regret at a later date.

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