How to Stop Sweaty Smelly Feet

Smelly feet can cause embarrassment, and even social withdrawal. Knowing that it is a common problem does not change the way it makes you feel. Fortunately, there are steps you can buy modafinil take to determine and resolve the cause. You can have nice feet, and feel good about yourself again.

Smelly Feet Causes

There are a number of different causes of smelly feet. While foot perspiration does cause foot odor, you need to determine why you are experiencing excessive perspiration. One common cause of foot perspiration is inappropriate footwear. Simply because a shoe style is currently popular does not mean it is good for your feet. A second cause of excessive perspiration is stress. However, there is also the possibility of a medical condition.

Smelly Feet Home Remedies

If you are bothered by stinky feet, your first step should be to examine your footwear. First, make sure your shoes fit properly. While shoes that are too tight can result in perspiration, excessively loose shoes can cause the same problem. Your shoes should fit securely on your feet, yet not be too snug.

Second, check the material of the shoes you wear regularly. Some shoes are made of synthetic materials that promote foot odor.

Third, the socks you wear are as important as your shoes. Plain cotton socks that fit correctly will reduce perspiration. Avoid socks made with nylon and other synthetic fabrics. You should also make sure to wear a clean, fresh pair of socks every day.

If these precautions do not significantly reduce perspiration and odor, it is a good idea to consult with your physician. If an evaluation does not reveal any underlying medical issues, your doctor can advise you of the best ways to deal with stress.

Stop Smelly Feet

If good personal grooming is not yet a part of your daily routine, now is the time to start. A bath or shower each morning and night should include special attention to your feet. You can use a mild, antibacterial soap, making sure to dry your feet thoroughly afterward. Next, apply foot powder or a deodorant spray directly onto your dry feet.

Applying a small amount of the foot powder in the bottom of socks will have two benefits. First, it will reduce the amount of perspiration. Second, powder will also work on absorbing perspiration. Feet will stay drier, and have less odor.

You can find inner soles specially made for foot perspiration at your local pharmacy or department store. They are made to absorb and neutralize odor. Buy a separate pair of inner soles for each pair of shoes you own.

As changing socks daily is necessary in treating smelly feet, it is also useful to alternate the shoes you wear. Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day. Give shoes the chance to air out when you are not wearing them. If you can place them in an open window or on the porch overnight, they will be fresh when you are ready to wear them again.

Allowing your feet to breathe whenever possible can be beneficial to stop sweaty feet. When you are at home, consider going barefoot. Feet do not need to be encased in shoes or sneakers every minute of the day. You can have less perspiration, and more comfort.

Smelly feet can be very annoying. It can make you feel self-conscious, and less attractive. Excessive perspiration can even be unhealthy. If you start with these simple tips, it can lead to a permanent solution. You do not need to worry about your feet ruining your social life, your status at work, or distracting from your appearance. Foot perspiration can be a problem of the past.