Outdoor Fireplaces

LuxeOutdoors features outdoor fireplaces for your patio. An outdoor fireplace is a great way to add warmth and wet carpet Melbourne style to your patio. Outdoor fireplaces comes in gas, gel, and wood. Try an outdoor fireplace for your home today!

Enhance Your Atmosphere With Outdoor Fireplaces

Have you ever noticed how instantly welcome you feel when you find yourself at homes that have outdoor fireplaces? There is truly something special about the glow of a dancing flame that draws a crowd to gather yet allows them all to feel relaxed together. Whether you have an extra large patio, small deck, wrap around porch or if you’re just socializing in your driveway, there is an outdoor fireplace that will suit your needs. Spring through fall is without a doubt, the time of year that brings family, friends and neighbors together with barbeques and backyard parties. Outdoor fireplaces allow your guests to remain comfortable and socialize longer, even long after the sun goes down. Not to mention, who says that you can’t relax outside on a mild winter day? If you are sitting in front of a warm outdoor fireplace, your toes will definitely stay nice and toasty!

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces ·

Wood-Burning Fireplaces – Firebowls and cast iron rings are popular choices to have a real fire outside. You’ll also find contained fire pits and screen enclosures. These are ideal to control your fire, provide warmth and since the flames are from wood, you can use them to cook over or at least roast marshmallows should you choose. ·

Gas Fireplaces – Outdoor gas fireplaces are designed to add heat and ambiance to your area and hold up against natural elements without harming the environment. If you have a gas line already from any type of gas appliances, installation is easy. Alternatively, there are also models that burn propane as well. From columns to fountains to wall mounted pieces of art, outdoor gas fireplaces are an excellent alternative to burning wood. ·

Gel Fireplaces – This is the category where the really exceptional conversation-starter pieces are. You cannot imagine the types of stunning outdoor gel fireplaces that are available until you really start shopping for one. Many are even portable, sitting politely on a table so you can bring your therapeutic flames indoors when you’ve had enough fresh air for the day.

Gel fuel has become a popular choice because it is alcohol-based which means that it has no negative impact on the environment, which has become an increasing concern. Outdoor fireplaces vary significantly in price so there is definitely something for every budget. Not to mention, wait until you see how much more time you start spending outdoors just so you have an excuse to light yours up!

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