When Do Babies Outgrow Onesies?

decorative baby girl onesiesAs their babies grow older, many parents start to think about when their child will outgrow a lot of their older clothes. For most children, it is when the clothes no longer fit them, but sometimes it is when it is no longer appropriate to dress children in the kinds of clothes they used to wear when they are younger.
Onesies, for example, are intrinsically linked to babies. Once a child becomes a toddler, the onesie doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. So, when it is no longer best to buy onesies for the little one?
The choice may be made for most parents at a certain stage of development, because onesies aren’t usually made for children older than a year. By that time, most children will have outgrown all the available onesie sizes, though there are a few companies that continue to make onesies for larger children. Most parents’ sensibilities keep them from putting their children in onesies past a certain age, and the clothing manufacturers have caught onto that. It’s tough to find baby girl onesies and baby boy onesies for children who are deep into the toddler stage.
A good rule of thumb for many parents is that once the child is able to walk around outside on their own, then the onesie is no longer fitting. They are no longer a baby and have become a toddler. Once they are walking, freely and able to do so without any assistance on flat, even ground, then there is no need to treat them like baby anymore. The onesie may feel inappropriate then, and that’s usually the stage when most parents abandon the onesie.
This usually happens abound their first birthday, and for most babies, it’s tough to even find onesies that still fit them at that age, but of course each baby will develop at its own pace.
Online stores like baby girl onesies tend to carry onesies for children up until about the first year. After that, other more mature clothes are usually suggested. If parents do want to dress their children in onesies past the first year mark, they can search out other online stores with specialty selections that can accommodate them, but they should understand that their child will be the odd one out.

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